Lucienne Boyce

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I write fiction...

My first historical novel, To The Fair Land, is available on Amazon and at all good bookshops. Also available as an e-book for Kindle and non-Kindle e-readers. Read more in To The Fair Land.

And non-fiction...

My local history book, The Bristol Suffragettes, is now available. Find out more about the book and discover how you can get involved in the Bristol Suffragette Project in Suffragettes.

And I write...

about books, art, theatre and whatever takes my literary fancy on my blog.   


for information on forthcoming events on suffragettes, fiction, the Bristol and South West Chapter of the Historical Novel Society and other events see my Diary.


"I've never seen the historical fiction"

I was delighted to be invited onto Jane Davis's blog for a discussion about writing historical fiction, based around my novel To The Fair Land and Jane's wonderful novel I Stopped Time, which tells the story of one woman's struggle in 1900s London and Brighton to claim her independence and become a photographer. How do we define historical fiction? Why do we write historical fiction? How do we research the history? Join us for a discussion of these and related issues at Jane's Blog.

SilverWood Authors Blog Hop 17 April 2014

I joined a group of SilverWood Authors for our "Spring Hop" on 17 and 18 April 2014. In the eighteenth century, many women authors wrote under male names or as "anonymous" - and women writers are still doing this today. I discussed the issue in my blog - The Female Writer's Apology - and have some very interesting comments! Join the debate - follow the link below.

You'll also find links to a range of fascinating blogs by Helen Hollick, Alison Morton, Debbie Young, Ed Hancox and more...join the SilverWood Books Blog Hop at The Female Writer's Apology.

Free Download - A Suffrage Walk Around Clifton Village

As a companion to the Bristol Suffragette Walk in my book The Bristol Suffragettes, I am producing free walk "add ons". The first of these, a circular walk which can be done as a detour from the main route or as a separate walk, will take you on a short suffrage tour of Clifton Village. For details and your FREE download visit  the Suffragette Walks page.

Searching for the real story behind 18th-century spiritual autobiography

A guest blog for the Oxford Centre for Life Writing for Easter 2014. The OCLW is a research centre based at Wolfson College at the University of Oxford, designed to support those who write autobiography and those who undertake research on different forms of life narratives. I wrote about Bristol-born sailor, slave-trader and Methodist Silas Told (1711 - 1779). Read Instantly I felt it in my soul here.

Discover a further selection of articles, blogs and podcasts about the suffragettes, the eighteenth-century and other themes in Articles and Blogs.


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