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A free sampler of ten SilverWood writers which includes an extract from The Bristol Suffragettes. Published in February 2015, the SilverWood Selection Box offers a taste of political thrillers, romantic comedy, historical fiction, alternative history, poetry and non-fiction. Free download available from:-

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‘Tramgirls, Tommies and the Vote’, in Bristol and the First World War: The Great Reading Adventure 2014bristol-2014-cover

‘Tramgirls, Tommies and the Vote’ was published in Bristol and the First World War: The Great Reading Adventure 2014 by Bristol Cultural Development Partnership for the Bristol 2014 project commemorating the outbreak of the First World War. The book includes chapters on a range of subjects including the war at sea, ANZAC soldiers in Bristol, voluntary work and more, as well as two concluding essays – ‘Why the War was Necessary’ (John Blake) and ‘Why the War was a Waste’ (Neil Faulkner). ‘Tramgirls, Tommies and the Vote’ looks at the post-war backlash against women workers which culminated in the Bristol Tram Riots in 1920. The book was distributed free around the city, and copies are available in Bristol’s libraries (for catalogue see Libraries West website). The book is also available as a free download (pdf format) from the Bristol 2014 website – get your copy here.