In 1907 suffragette Annie Kenney brought the militants’ fight for women’s right to vote to Bristol. For the next few years the city rang with the cry “Votes for Women!”. From colourful demonstrations on the Downs and stone-throwing in the Centre, to riot on Queen’s Road and arson in the suburbs, the book tells the fascinating story of Bristol’s suffragette years. Also includes a map and short walk in the Bristol of the suffragettes.

The Road to Representation: Essays on the Women’s Suffrage Campaign

A companion to The Bristol Suffragettes, these short essays span the early days of the women’s suffrage campaign up to the First World War. Suffragettes and suffragists collide with students, vivisectionists, politicians, under-graduates, medical experts, magistrates, soldiers returning home from the war, and other supporters and opponents of the cause. This collection brings together many articles written since the publication of The Bristol Suffragettes in 2013. The essays have all been revised and updated, and the collection includes previously unpublished material. Available on Amazon UK in Kindle or paperback. Also available at

Bristol Suffragette Project

The aim of my Bristol Suffragette Project is to find out more about the Bristol suffragettes, suffragists and anti-suffragists, whether Bristol born and bred or adopted (like me). The battle for the female franchise was fought in Horfield as much as Holloway, on Durdham Down as well as Hyde Park, at Colston Hall no less than Caxton Hall. There are hundreds of great stories to be told and I’ll be telling as many as I can on this website – and inviting yours!


If you have any information, papers or memorabilia relating to any of the women and men who worked for the suffrage campaign in Bristol that could form part of the Bristol Suffragette story please get in touch. This could include people who were not in the WSPU, and even “antis”, as well as people who were active in Bath and the wider West Country. You can email me here.

Spotlight on…Cicely Hamilton

Spotlight On has moved to my blog.

The aim of Spotlight On is to remember some of the people and places associated with the suffrage campaign, particularly in Bristol and the South West. In order to have space to include more information I have moved Spotlight On to my blog, Francesca Scriblerus.

The Spotlight On archive will still be available for download here on the website.

In the latest Spotlight On I look at the life of Cicely Hamilton, an actress and writer who founded the Actresses’ Franchise League and the Women Writers’ Suffrage League. Read about Cicely Hamilton here.

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